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Ina grand jury in Horry County, S. As recently asmembers of the Gambino crime family have been operating in New Rochelle - holding planning meetings at the United Hebrew Geriatric Center in New Rochelle. Things of that nature.

Five Families of New York City. Monday, August 31, The eight-month-long investigation, dubbed "Operation Strikeout", focused on what authorities termed "traditional organized crime activities" occurring in and around Bergen County. The operation involved law enforcement officers from the FBI and local law enforcement agencies. The sports betting ring investigation began in Septemberand also included alleged money laundering activities.

According to authorities, undercover detectives infiltrated a bookmaking operation being run by Thomas Conforti and John "Blue" DeFroscia. Authorities state that DeFroscia is a documented "made" member soldier of the Genovese organized crime family, and Conforti is a high-level associate of the same crime family. Each reportedly ran separate bookmaking and money laundering enterprises.

Authorities claim that both passed a portion thomas conforti gambling their earnings to the hierarchy of the Genovese Family. Conforti and DeFroscia reportedly had a large network of operatives or "agents" that ran gambling "packages" for them, who in turn were paid a "commission" or percentage of the profits being earned by those above them.

Mid-level organization members were responsible for numerous gambling packages and would meet with the individual agents or package holders and then pass the proceeds to Thomas conforti gambling and Conforti, authorities say. The investigation determined that hundreds of bettors utilized a system of code names and passwords to place wagers on various sporting events each week.

It was the agents that actually collected losses from or paid winnings to the actual bettors. The wagers were placed via toll free telephone numbers or the internet. The actual "wire room" providing the betting lines and accepting the wagers is located in Costa Rica, which is reportedly a common practice employed by organized crime families to avoid apprehension of those running the wire room.

The investigation further casino magic shreveport that DeFroscia and Conforti used "middle men" as a buffer between themselves and their agents, to insulate themselves from law enforcement detection. In the case of Thomas Conforti, authorities claim that an individual identified as Michael Cirelli gambling addiction costs society run the operation for him.

Authorities state that Napolitano would deliver weekly profits to DeFroscia by dropping envelopes of cash at Racioppi's Taralles, a store on Bloomfield Avenue thomas conforti gambling Bloomfield, New Jersey. According to authorities, Nicholas "Pigeon" Restaino would temporarily hold the cash at the store until "Blue" DeFroscia picked it up.

Authorities claim that Weber, Napolitano, and other ranking members of the enterprise would meet with co-conspirators surreptitiously in area parking lots, bookstores, diners, and on the street to exchange cash. For example, authorities state that Napolitano was observed on multiple occasions meeting with one of his agents, Louis Orangeo, in various parking lots in Clifton, New Jersey. Orangeo, who is employed as a mail carrier for the U. Postal Service, would reportedly meet with Napolitano while on duty in his mail truck, and they would exchange an envelope through the mail truck window as if it were ordinary mail.

In addition, authorities state that Weber, who is employed as a vendor at both CitiField and Yankee Stadium, thomas conforti gambling been meeting with co-conspirators in each stadium while working. Detectives who conducted physical surveillance of Weber at the stadiums with the assistance and cooperation of Major League Baseball security, allegedly observed him exchange cash proceeds from this enterprise with various co-conspirators.

According to authorities, this illegal enterprise placed over one million dollars per week in illegal wagers. Individuals managed gambling packages in both New Jersey and New York. The investigation is ongoing and more arrests are anticipated. The suspects are thomas conforti gambling for their first appearance on Thursday, April 30 at 9: Thus far, the following individuals have been charged: Related articles Grandfather connected to Gambino gambling ring sentenced to prison fivefamiliesnyc.

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According to authorities the illegal sports betting operation was run by John “Blue” DeFroscia and Thomas Conforti. DeFroscia is a made. A mob-run sport gambling ring operating partly out of the new sidling up to Genovese managers Thomas Conforti and John “Blue” DeFroscia. Undercover detectives infiltrated the bookmaking operation being run by Thomas Conforti and John “Blue” DeFroscia, the release states.